ADHD Assessments for Adults

Our adult ADHD assessments involve the following:

(1) Clinical intake interview: A clinical intake interview by our intake officer to find out the main areas of concern to make sure referral to our clinic for a specific adult ADHD assessment is valid. Based upon this intake interview an ADHD assessment may be booked, or alternatively a broader assessment to potentially make a differential diagnosis with another disorder may be booked (depending on the report symptoms).

(2) Deposit: To confirm an appointment a deposit of $120 is taken. From this deposit $20 is the cost of administrating the standardised Adult ADHD questionnaire completed prior to attendance, and $100 is a deposit for the actual assessment day, and this $100 will be taken off the final cost on the day. Please note this deposit is non-refundable if you decide not to go ahead with the appointment. We have this deposit as ADHD is a disorder that can result in poor time management and decision making, hence we will only agree to set aside time for an assessment for someone who is happy to commit to the assessment and take responsibility to get themselves to the assessment on time.

(3) Standardised questionnaires: Links to two questionnaires will be e-mailed to the patient, which are to be completed prior to the assessment.

(4) The actual assessment:Clinical interview

Clinical interview: During the clinical interview information is gathered in the following areas: developmental history, medical history, school history, employment history, social history, childhood and present behavior patterns, alcohol/drug history, and psychiatric history. Where possible, information will also be obtained from a close family member. During this interview other processing, emotional and medical disorders that may account for the ADHD symptoms will be explored to make sure that there is no other underlying factor behind the symptoms.

Formal cognitive testing: Formal cognitive testing will only be carried out if it is required to make a differential diagnosis and make sure that there isn’t a more general cognitive processing weakness, or a specific non-attention based processing disorder resulting in the attention concerns. If you would like to have a cognitive assessment even despite the diagnosis being clear, this can be arranged with our qualified neuropsychologists. We aim not to over-assess adults as often our therapy is based upon subjective complaints of the patient, rather than the formalised cognitive testing (unlike what we conduct in children). Cognitive assessment can be costly, therefore we only conduct this assessment if felt it will be helpful to the diagnosis process.

(5) Follow-up:

Report: If requested we can write a report according to the needs of the patient. Please note that we typically do not conduct this as standard as again it does add to the cost of the assessment and we do try to keep down costs for adults. If you do need a report or forms completed regarding the diagnosis, please tell us on the day so that these can be completed during your appointment.

Therapy: Depending on the outcome of the assessment we may recommend specific types of therapy to help manage your issues. We offer a broad range of therapies that are targeted at both ADHD sympoms (inattention, distractability, procrastination, disorganisation, impulsivity etc.), as well as other emotional, social and behavioural issues that often co-present in ADHD.