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Welcome to the ADHD clinic, a clinic exclusively for children and adults with ADHD. This clinic is part of the Sydney Cognitive Development Centre, a leading centre for assessment & diagnosis of neurodevelopment, cognitive, social and emotional disorders in patients across the lifespan. We assess and treat children with ADHD from as young as age 4 years all the way into adulthood, and will also treat younger children (<4yrs) through parenting and behaviour management. We run the 7-step ADHD treatment program which is one of a kind in assessing and treating the individual as a whole, from every angle. We assess from basic brain functioning (based upon QEEG brain scans), to cognitive processing skills, to emotional status, all the way to the end point behaviour, and functional daily living skills.  This way we make sure we are treating at each of these respective levels; from basic brain neurophysiology that may be dysregulated, to cognitive skill training, to emotional management all the way to behavioural management. Our assessment and therapy model aims to leave no stone unturned in helping each individual achieve to their highest level of potential. We aim to improve quality of life across the board, helping people with ADHD optimise their success and performance. 

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