ADHD Therapy

Child ADHD Therapy

Classes to improve competence in a large variety of life skills that contribute to lifelong happiness and success.

Adult ADHD Therapy

Cognitive training, vision therapy, speech therapy, as well as emotional behavioural & social skill treatment.


  • Cognitive training program to enhance attention (and other processing) skills

  • Neurofeedback training to treat any areas of dysregulation noted on a QEEG brain scan

  • Hyperactivity, impulsivity & self-monitoring awareness training

  • Executive management program to improve planning/organisation

  • Study skills

  • Social skills training program

  • Psychological therapy to address emotional issues

  • Therapy, behaviour management & parenting to address behavioural issues

  • Visual training to improve visual processing, eye tracking and ocular movement issues

  • Literacy programs to assist with learning delays

  • Family therapy to help with the impact of ADHD within families

  • Gaming addiction therapy