ADHD Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinners & ADHD: Friend or Foe?

A research study just published in January 2020 (see reference below) examined children with ADHD in the classroom to see whether fidget spinners were effective in helping children with ADHD. They investigated the extent to which fidget spinners affect young children with ADHD’s gross motor activity, their behavioral and attentional […]

5 Homework Tips for Kids with ADHD

Motivating your child to complete their homework is a struggle at the best of times, especially when core symptoms of ADHD affect aspects such as organisation and time management. The following are 5 strategies which can be used to increase your child’s success and motivation to complete their homework and […]

14 Tips to give ADHD students directions

14 ways to give direction to students with ADHD. – Tips for parents and teachers Whether you are a teacher with one or more students with ADHD or the parent of a child with ADHD you may struggle at times to get your message across to them. Give a child […]

Tips: ADHD & unstructured environments

The most challenging times for a student with ADHD at school are typically when they are in an unstructured environment. Teachers can outline their expectations of a student in the classroom they will know when they have done something wrong or did not follow a direction as intended. These situations […]

Studying With ADHD: 5 Techniques to Help Your Child Stay Focused

Fidgeting, distractions, and endless unfinished tasks. Majority of children with ADHD experience these difficulties daily. Studying with ADHD is challenging. Fortunately, there are numerous techniques that can build the skills needed to successfully face the daunting challenges of studying. Schedule everything From cleaning up their toys to cramming their studying […]

One powerful technique to help with ADHD

Those of you with ADHD will understand that many of the symptoms, such as restlessness and inattentiveness, make it difficult to maintain concentration throughout the day. While stimulants and medication are often the go to solution, there are other options to help you combat the difficulties of ADHD. One such […]