ADHD Assessments

Child ADHD Assessment

Early identification of cognitive, social, emotional, developmental and behavioural disorders.

Adult ADHD Assessment

Comprehensive assessment to identify the precise processing issues impeding a child to reach potential.



  • General intellectual functioning (IQ)

  • Academic achievement: Reading , spelling, writing & mathematics

  • Attention: visual attention span, visual selective attention, visual sustained attention, divided attention (visual & auditory), auditory attention span, auditory sustained attention and switching attention

  • Hyperactivity & impulsivity

  • Working Memory

  • Executive functioning: (planning, problem solving, utilising feedback, self-monitoring, task scheduling)

  • Memory: verbal, visual, short-term, long-term

  • Visual perception

  • Speed of information processing

  • Language skills: expressive & receptive

  • Motor skills

  • Social skills

  • Emotional state (depression, anxiety, stress management etc)

  • Behavioural issues (conduct, oppositional/defiant, aggression, anger management)

  • Self-concept/esteem