One powerful technique to help with ADHD

One powerful technique to help with ADHD

Those of you with ADHD will understand that many of the symptoms, such as restlessness and inattentiveness, make it difficult to maintain concentration throughout the day. While stimulants and medication are often the go to solution, there are other options to help you combat the difficulties of ADHD. One such technique that appears to have great positive effects for the management of ADHD is meditation and mindfulness training.

While it may seem like spiritual mumbo-jumbo, mindfulness training and especially meditation focuses on controlling your inner observational abilities, and enforcing self-discipline in a calming situation. When it is practiced over a significant period it is shown to not only improve concentration but strengthen the underlying brain functions that govern concentration. Furthermore, it also helps with the reduction of stress, as well as symptoms of depression and anxiety disorder.

But what does this mean for those with ADHD? Well, multiple studies have demonstrated the intrinsic benefit of implementing meditative techniques into the lifestyle of individuals who have been diagnosed with ADHD. One such study, conducted at the University of California, found that when implementing daily meditation practice over an 8-week period, participants notably improved both self-reported symptoms of ADHD and their performance on tasks that measure attention as well as cognitive inhibition.

Small changes to your lifestyle, just 10-15 minutes a day, can have a significantly positive impact on your overall lifestyle experience.

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