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Welcome to the ADHD clinic, a clinic exclusively for children and adults with ADHD. This clinic is part of the Sydney Cognitive Development Centre, a leading centre for assessment & diagnosis of neurodevelopment, cognitive, social and emotional disorders in patients across the lifespan. We assess and treat children with ADHD from age 4 years into adulthood, and will treat younger children through parenting and behaviour management. We run the 7-step ADHD treatment program which is one of a kind in assessing and treating the individual as a whole.

Child ADHD Assessment

Child ADHD Therapy

Adult ADHD Assessment

Adult ADHD Therapy


ADHD Research

Neurofeedback & its effectiveness in ADHD

Neurofeedback is a recently developed method by using the mechanisms of learning to change brainwave activity which can […]

Potential misdiagnosis of ADHD

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder has been considered one of the most commonly diagnosed behavioural disorders in children according to […]

Research reveals ADHD medication surprisingly does not improve academic skills

A study done by Saskia Van der Oord at the University of Amsterdam investigated the effects of methylphenidate […]

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