ADHD treatment for adults


Attention Issues

Adults with ADHD typically have issues with sustaining attention and distractability. At our clinic we have a program which teaches adults strategies to remain focused and to work within their specific cognitive skills through minimising any specific weaknesses. Issues addressed include avoiding distractions, staying focused, procrastination, and low boredom tolerance.

Executive Issues


Many adults with ADHD are chronically disorganised, having difficulties with time management and with planning and organisation. This can cause massive issues with work as well as with organisation at home. To help with these difficulties we have an executive functioning program which we can tailor to individual needs. This program looks at helping compensate for these issues through the use of various tools and technologies, to help make life a lot smoother and stress free.

Emotional Issues

Often adults with ADHD have developed emotional issues due to years of struggling for success at home, academically and vocationally. Issues with anxiety, depression and self-esteem are common and often need addressing in adulthood. These issues are treated with a variety of therapies including cognitive-behavioural therapy,  ACT therapy and MiCBT.

Social & Relationship Issuesrelationships

Many adults with ADHD have problems with various social relationships. We offer therapy to help people cope with current relationship issues (parents, spouse and/or children),  as well as offer help for people who have trouble forming and keeping relationships. ADHD can place stress on the lives of people around them. We also offer individual therapy for family members who are struggling to live with the individual with ADHD.

Behavioural Issues: Impulsivity & inappropriate behaviour

Many adults with ADHD are stuck in negative patterns of behaviour that have developed from childhood. They may act in an impulsive and inappropriate manner with friends or at work with colleagues. They may also make impulsive decisions in many aspects of their lives which may create significant functional difficulties and distress. Issues with law breaking can be common, as well as problems complying with society rules and expectations. If this is an area of concern, we offer treatment to help with impulsive behaviours and help people learn to control their behaviour better.

Other Issues

At present we do not treat drug or alcohol related issues but if this is found to be problematic during assessment we will refer you on to appropriate health professionals in this area.